The hostel has ever been committed to provide its boarding students all possible facilities that can ensure all round development of theirs in truest sense. Great educationists assume that personality is the product of heredity and environment. We can not uproot the defects rooted from heredity factors but we can to a much greater extent highlight the positive traits and let them blossom and have dominance over the negative ones to make a good personality. Hostel tries to achieve it by providing desirable environment for all the respects.


We provide vegetarian meal to our boarders as per scientifically designed Weekly menu. We ensure fresh drinking water bought from Rajgir. We own a tractor fitter with a big tank fitted with a pumping machine to fetch it. Expert and experienced cooks are there with a catering supervisor. Besides, we own varieties of cooking device for making several kinds of dishes.There is a well furnished dining hall where the boarders have their breakfast, meals or snacks in a peaceful atmosphere.


There are three major block of the hostel viz. KESHAV BHAWAN, MADHAV BHAWAN & MAIN SCHOOL BUILDING (Ground Floor). KESHAV BHAWAN is three stored. Boarders of classes IV and V dwell in separated dormitories allotted to them. MADHAW BHAWAN is two stored. Boarders of classes VI and VII dwell in separated dormitories allotted to them. Boarders of classes VIII to X dwell in separate dormitories of the School Building Ground floor. Each dormitory contains specially designed Palangs in sufficient number to avoid congestion and suffocation. Wardens are there in each block to supervise the boarders. Separate Hostel Superintendents are there to manage each and every thing of the Hostel Blocks.

Tutorial Classes

2 hours tutorial classes run in every evening every day except Sundays and National Festival Days. The boarders are made to sit class wise in two separate sections: Section A contains the pupils with performance below average. Section B contains pupils with performance above average. Remedial coaching is provided to the individual pupils in order to facilate the learning of difficult points in different subjects.

Sports & Games

In the evening all boarders are sent in different playgrounds as per plan to learn varieties of indoor and outdoor games. Selected inmates are coached wrestling. Some boarders learn martial arts too.


Each hostel block has its own Television set installed with TATA SKY. Pupils are made to watch NEWS Channels every evening just after the Tutorial Classes are over. Once in the fortnight a Hindi Feature film is shown to the pupils. On one Day Cricket Matches they are permitted to watch the live telecast or the highlights in free time.

Medical Facilities

We own a kit of medicines both from Allopathic and Homoeopathic disciplines that cover common diseases like acute cough, cold, fever, boils, colic, indigestion, headache, and other first aids cases. An experienced registered physician is also there to offer medical assistance on time. In case of clinical investigations and further advice nearby doctors from Rajgir and Biharsharif are consulted and proper nursing is provided accordingly.